Amano Capital is an innovative dual purpose active advisory-brokerage service that specialises in the Zambian start-up and medium scale market 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between opportunity and capital by presenting the international investment market with Zambia's top performing SME prospects



Ako Usulile Ekapa Amano "Do not look down on an idea, it may be the best one in achieving your goal." - Zambian Proverb

Zambian SME outlook


Zambian Graduates seeking funding for start-ups


SME's market share of total firms in Zambia  


Start-up growth rate in urban Zambia 


FDI into large scale investments 


SME share of total employment 


Domestic bank interest rates 

Norwegian Fund index; ​World Bank Ease of Doing Business; UNZA survey

Our vision is to help nurture and build businesses in Zambia’s SME market which will have a positive long term impact on the social and economic development of Zambia and the Zambian people 


Rigorous in-house screening process of potential SME targets


Our team provide fundamental   strategic and operational improvements to targeted SME's


With our unrivalled network in the international market we ensure all key performance indicators  are collected and presented to a diverse pool of potential investors 


Our team ensure that the investment transition happens efficiently and


Amano Strategy  

As a management team of entrepreneurs, we understand the disconnect between opportunity and capital in Africa. Whilst Zambia has made exponential strides in foreign direct investment participation, we believe that FDI allocation has been distributed unevenly, focusing on predominantly large scale development. Our strategy is to drive distribution towards the SME market which will not only have an immediate increase in investor diversification and returns but also have a long-term social impact on the SME market and the Zambian nation as a whole.


           Active Task Force

Our task force firmly believe in an active approach in our advisory services. We create strong relationships with management teams utilising our vast experience in finance and entrepreneurship to improve and monitor performance towards predestined investment

         Investor Ethos 

We ensure that our targets find investors that are actively seeking to make a social impact in their investments. With our potential investor outreach, we can create an efficient and transparent platform for investors and clients to align their ethos and outcomes before market.

          Dedicated SME targets


We target teams in which we have a high degree of conviction. We work with driven management who have clear direction with inherently profitable &  scalable business models. Our targets align with our ethos of positive social growth and show disruptive innovation across our thematic areas.

Management Team

Kas Shirley

Managing Director

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Jonathon Chileshe 

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

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Mkuzo Kuwani 

Micheal Mulenga 

Head of Marketing

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Thomas Dean

Head of Client Relations 

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Business Development Officer