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Our vision is to help nurture and build businesses in Zambia’s SME market which will have a positive long term impact on the social and economic development of Zambia and the Zambian people. 

About Us

        Our Firm 

Amano Capital is an impact-driven advisory-brokerage firm, that bridges the gap between opportunity and capital in the SME market in Zambia. Amano Capital is Zambia's driving catalyst in creating an efficient platform for foreign & domestic investment to find fast-pace disruptive start-ups & scalable medium scale companies in the SME sector.

As a management team with extensive credentials in finance, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, we understand the clear potential in Zambia's SME market. We also understand that associated with this potential comes an array of risks exposures. We provide a service that nurtures a company's business and management processes, and we measure and monitor key performance indicators before bringing them to market. In this way, we can dissolve the fundamental risk barriers to market participation and growth and enhance access to finance and investment opportunities. 


          Our Vision


Zambia's inward Foreign Direct Investment averages USD600m annually. Despite this, 85% of FDI goes into large scale investments and developments. Additionally, only 11% of private equity investments globally, go into frontier and emerging market investments. At Amano Capital, our vision is to increase investors' confidence & participation in ​the SME market.

Our team seek actively to dissolve the fundamental risks revolving around Zambia's highly attractive start-ups and medium scale businesses to increase the investment participation rates in this highly attractive sector. This increase in participation will have an immediate positive effect on the Zambian economy and its neighbouring SADC countries.

       Our Focus 

At Amano Capital our philosophy derives from impact investing and we recognise that the current SME environment in Zambia is in a strong position for stable and consistent development. This environment is a reflection of our targeting process, where we focus on finding companies that are in a strong position for growth not only internally but externally. We seek out companies that have the potential to become the driving force in their specific sector,  acting as a catalyst in long-term value creation, job creation, gender equality and dissolving absolute poverty in Zambia.


Our objective is to become positive market makers in a highly energised market. 

       Our Values 

Amano Capital has the opportunity to bring positive value to Zambia's SME market. Management have a strong desire to see substantial improvements in investment participation in the next decade.

  • Our respect for domestic practice and our commitment to international standards is the microcosm of everything we do.

  • We adhere to all financial ethical practices when targeting potential companies. Serving as an unbiased, transparent and accountable organisation to both our clients and the investors in our network.

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