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Amano Ventures is the first licensed Venture Capital fund in Zambia, placing it at the forefront of investing into large, untapped sections of economies and markets in the region. 

Our Venture Capital services bridge capital with opportunities in the start-up and early growth stages of promising businesses. Selected through a rigorous screening process, our portfolio of disruptive businesses is in the privileged position of being at the frontier of technology and other high-growth sectors in the local SME market. By nurturing them through our advisory processes, we make sure the Venture Capital portfolio have the adequate support to realise their long-term, high-growth potential. 

Please contact us if your organisation fits these criteria:
-    A business model that is scalable in a tangible way.
-    Innovative and disruptive business principles towards a specific industry.
-    Agreeable towards re-structure.
-    Utilization of local resources. 
-    Potentially scalable to regional and continental economies. 
-    Potential export channels.
-    A talented partner with a proven track-record.
-    A strong management team.
•    Impact investment funds.
•    Frontier market funds & VCs.
•    Seed capital funds.
•    International Development funds.
•    Emerging market expertise.
•    Diversified portfolios.
•    Angel investors.

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