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The Advisory decision at Amano Capital  is governed by four fundamental objectives; long-term value creation, dedicated management, financial viability and social impact.

We target teams in which we have a high degree of conviction. We work with driven management who have clear direction with inherently profitable &  scalable business models. Our targets align with our ethos of positive social growth and have shown disruptive innovation across our thematic areas.

Please contact us if your organisation holds these criteria:

  • A business model that is scalable in a tangible way.

  • Innovative and disruptive business principles towards a specific industry.

  • Agreeable towards re-structure.

  • Utilization of local resources. 

  • Potentially scalable to regional and continental economies. 

  • Potential export channels.

  • A talented partner with a proven track-record.

  • A strong management team.

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